Cumo Exploration Project (previously listed as Cumo 2007 Project)

The CuMo Exploration Supplemental Decision Notice/FONSI was signed on 9/30/2015. This project is located approximately 14 miles north of Idaho City in Boise County, Idaho and encompasses approximately 2,885 acres of land located within the Boise NF. Alternative B was selected for implementation, which allows construction of up to 10.2 miles of temporary roads, up to 137 drill pads and 259 drill holes. The Supplemental EA (SEA) informing this decision includes analysis updates to address the 2012 Decision and Order from the US District Court for the District of Idaho concerning groundwater analysis, addresses other new information since the 2011 decision and public comments. For project implementation information refer to

Location Summary

Three miles northeast of Grimes Pass in Boise County Idaho.

District: Idaho City Ranger District

Project Documents