Pyle-Anderson Thinning Project

The Pyle-Anderson Thinning Project would treat about 1,626 acres of ponderosa pine plantations on the Emmett Ranger District. Plantations would be thinned into groups and clumps by handcrews using chainsaws followed by fuels abatement activities. Activity fuels treatments may include lop and scatter, pile and burn, and broadcast burn. Collectively, these treatments are designed to increase forest resiliency to natural disturbances and resistance to uncharacteristic disturbance events, while putting these plantations on a trajectory toward the desired vegetation conditions as outlined in the 2010 Forest Plan. The Decision Memo was signed for this project on June 6, 2014.

Location Summary

The project area is located in the Pyle Creek and Anderson Creek subwatersheds.

District: Emmett Ranger District

Project Documents