Bear Wallow Mastication Project

Treatments would create roughly 11 miles of roadside fuel breaks. This area has been previously open to personal use woodcutting under the Bear Wallow Woodcutting area. Most of the standing snags have been felled and removed within 150 feet of either side of the road, leaving small to medium diameter slash on the ground. Project implementation would include use of a machine to masticate or chip down woody debris alongside the road. Mastication could proceed during woodcutting activities, requiring temporary closure of a portion of the Bear Wallow woodcutting area. Chips would be left onsite or removed and used for other projects on the forest if opportunities exist.

Location Summary

11 miles west of Bend Oregon between Wilderness and the Bend Municipal Watershed, private land near the Skyliner road.

District: Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District

Project Documents