Bend Municipal Watershed Fuel Breaks

Thin both snags and green trees within several hundred feet of both sides of a few key roads in the area including: FS road (FSR) 4601370 and 4601. Treatments would create roughly 15 miles of strategic roadside fuel breaks and would also include reducing ladder fuels and down woody debris and brush. Roadside treatment could be accomplished with a variety of tools including forest crews used to masticate down material with a small tracked vehicle, firewood sales, and small commercial bid sales. Project implementation would include thinning of snags and some live green trees to reduce fuels along the selected roads, application of some spot rock in places to allow fire suppression vehicles access during a wildfire event and ladder fuel reduction and mastication of slash generated by tree removal.

Location Summary

11 miles west of Bend, OR between the wilderness and the Bend Municipal Watershed

District: Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District

Project Documents