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Featherville Sheep and Goat Allotment

The Forest Service is seeking scoping comments for the environmental analysis for the proposed Featherville Sheep and Goart Allotment Project. To be most helpful, please provide comments by 3/14/2016 and make comments as specific as possible. A legal notice is scheduled to be published in the Idaho Statesman (newspaper of record) on 2/12/2016. The email address in the 2/11/16 scoping documents was incorrect. The correct email address to submit comments to is comments-intermtn-boise-mtn-home@fs.fed.us . Please refer to corrected scoping documents for detailed information on how to provide comment. A corrected legal notice was published on 2/26/16 in the Idaho Statesman.

Location Summary

The allotment lies within the South Fork Boise River drainage above Anderson Ranch Dam, the Middle Fork Boise River drainage, and Anderson Ranch Reservoir drainage

District: Mountain Home Ranger District

Project Documents