Deschutes National Forest NEPA Projects

Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground. The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. Projects that are "Developing Proposal" or "Under Analysis" may have an opportunity for public collaboration and input on the proposed actions and the analysis being conducted.

Deschutes National Forest Project Archive

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Projects on the Forest Managed by Other Units

Bend Broadband Fiber Optic Line Installation Project

Activities would include install of overhead, fiber optic cables along existing phone/utility lines and new underground fiber install, adding to existing phone/utility lines. Boring and plowing would be involved. Approximately 13.3 miles total.

Union Pacific Railroad Fiberoptic Installation

Union Pacific Railroad requests a Special Use Permit to install fiberoptic cable conduits on the Middle Fork RD (Willamette NF) and Crescent RD (Deschutes NF).

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Deschutes National Forest All Units

Ponderosa Mountain Men, Kokanee Power of Oregon, and Sporthill Special Use Permit Renewals

The Crescent Ranger District is considering Ponderosa Mountain Men, Kokanee Power of Oregon, and Sporthill proposals to renew their special use permits. There is no ground disturbing work required, this is an administrative process only.

Prescribed Fire in Wilderness: Scott Mountain and Cascade Lakes Areas, Deschutes and Willamette NF

The project would use prescribed fire in the Three Sisters Wilderness area to modify vegetation and fuels to sufficiently reduce the threats to values at risk outside of Wilderness in order to allow fire to play a more natural role within Wilderness. For maps & more information about this project, visit our Prescribed Fire in Wilderness page.

Walker Mountain Communication Site Communication Use Lease Renewals

Communication Use Lease Renewals for Verizon Wireless, Gas Transmission Northwest/TransCanada, and Midstate Electric Cooperative Inc. on Walker Mountain Communication Site. Administrative process only to renew their 20-year leases.

Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District

18 Fire Plantation Herbicide

Spot application of herbicide around planted ponderosa pine seedlings to increase survival rates by reducing grass competition.

18 Fire Recovery Project

Proposes to accelerate recovery and to recover value of trees killed or damaged during the 18 Fire, July, 2003.

2012 LOGS Plots Maintenance Thin

Eight 1/4 acre plots that are part of a long-term study that was etablished in 1966. These plots were re-thinned in 1985 & 1995. This proposal is to re-thin the plots maintain a consistent basal area. A total of 69 trees will be cut and removed.

BPA-Pilot Butte-La Pine Line Pole Replacement

BPA proposes to replace 12 deteriorating wood pole structures along its Pilot Butte - La Pine 230 kV transmission line. The 12 replacements are located along a 25-mile section of the line within the BPA right of way and will be replaced in-kind.

Bear Wallow Firewood

Demand for firewood is high and existing, designated firewood areas have been heavily used. Bear Wallow area has experienced extensive lodgepole pine mortality associated with mountain pine beetle. Many of these areas are adjacent to open system roads resulting in increasing numbers of hazard trees that may fall into or across roads limiting access and potentially putting people and property at risk. This project proposes to allow the felling, cutting and removal of dead/down lodgepole adjacent to and within 150 feet of open system roads within the Bear Wallow area for use as personal use firewood. Persons will need a valid personal use firewood permit. Standing dead lodgepole pine would be permitted to be felled and removed if the stump diameter, measured 12 inches above the ground on the upslope side (or high side on flat terrain), was 24 inches or less.

Bear Wallow Mastication Project

Treatments would create roughly 11 miles of roadside fuel breaks. This area has been previously open to personal use woodcutting under the Bear Wallow Woodcutting area. Most of the standing snags have been felled and removed within 150 feet of either side of the road, leaving small to medium diameter slash on the ground. Project implementation would include use of a machine to masticate or chip down woody debris alongside the road. Mastication could proceed during woodcutting activities, requiring temporary closure of a portion of the Bear Wallow woodcutting area. Chips would be left onsite or removed and used for other projects on the forest if opportunities exist.

Bend Broadband Cable Installation at Skyliner Road

Bend Broadband proposes to install fiber optic cable within the same ditch that will hold the City of Bend's proposed new waterline. A 2" conduit will be placed in the ditch during construction of the waterline. The project length is about 10 miles

Bend Broadband Fiber Opitc Cable Installation

Bend Broadband is proposing to install middle mile fiber infrastructure in Central Oregon (across a variety of jurisdictional land boundaries such as city, BLM, and USFS lands) on existing transmission line structures and in existing transmission line rights of way. This fiber optic line would reduce the amount of fiber and equipment needed overall and provide high speed internet to the communities of Madras, Redmond, Prineville, Bend, Sunriver, and La Pine. Construction includes the installation of fiber cabinets, aerial fiber installations on existing utility poles, underground fiber installation in existing ROWs and 3 new fiber poles. The Bend to La Pine and Spring Butte line would cross 18.7 miles of FS lands. Approximately 16.9 of these miles will be on overhead existing utility poles and 1.8 miles will be buried in existing utility easements. This Decision Memo evaluates line installation only occurring on Forest Service lands.

Bend Broadband Underground Fiber Optic Line Installation

Bend Broadband proposes to install 4,300 feet of a buried fiber optic line adjacent to Meadow Camp off Hwy 46. This line would be within the right-of-way.

Bend Municipal Watershed Fuel Breaks

Thin both snags and green trees within several hundred feet of both sides of a few key roads in the area including: FS road (FSR) 4601370 and 4601. Treatments would create roughly 15 miles of strategic roadside fuel breaks and would also include reducing ladder fuels and down woody debris and brush. Roadside treatment could be accomplished with a variety of tools including forest crews used to masticate down material with a small tracked vehicle, firewood sales, and small commercial bid sales. Project implementation would include thinning of snags and some live green trees to reduce fuels along the selected roads, application of some spot rock in places to allow fire suppression vehicles access during a wildfire event and ladder fuel reduction and mastication of slash generated by tree removal.

Bend Surface Waterline Improvement (Decision Withdrawn)

The Forest Service is taking action on a Special Use Application from the City of Bend. The proposed Special Use Permit would authorize: Construction of a single, approximately 10-mile long replacement water supply pipeline that would be installed primarily within the Forest Service Road 4603, Skyliners Road, and Forest Service Road 4606-100 corridors. And replacement of the above-grade portions of the Bridge Creek intake building with a new, remotely controllable intake and installation of new fish screens that are compliant with current Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife screening regulations.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) LaPine Substation Communications Tower

Project proposes the issuance of a special use permit to BPA to construct a 140 foot tall communications tower within the boundaries of the existing BPA LaPine substation.

Bonneville Power Administration, Expansion of the LaPine Substation

BPA would add new electrical breakers, disconnect switches, and bus support structure to their electrical substation to comply with new standards. This project would expand the fence enclosure by 1.65 acres and relocate the septic and oil/water separator tanks and associated drain fields. Approx 450 trees would be removed around the site to provide additional safety for the enclosure.

Brown's Cr. and Arnold Ice Cave Post Fire Restoration

Two wildfire areas are proposed for restoration: Arnold Ice Cave, 120 ac. burned in 2012 to be planted with ponderosa seedlings. Brown's Creek, 107 ac. burned in 2013 will have dead material <6" felled, piled, burned; planted with ponderosa.

Cabin Lake, Crater Buttes, Quartz Mtn., and Sand Springs Range Allotments (Cluster II)

Evaluation of cattle allotments.

Campground Expansions

This project proposes to analyze effects of increased use at Rock Creek and Gull Point Campgrounds addressing the effects of recreation use on the facilities, character and function at these two sites in regards to past, present and future use.

Cascade Lakes National Scenice Byway Welcome Station (2010)

The proposed Recreation and Scenic Byway Welcome Station will be approximately 1,200 square feet with a drive through parking area, providing on-site trails, and outdoor gathering spaces for interpretation.

City of Bend Geophysical Research for 2011 Related to Surface Water Improvement Project

The City of Bend seeking a special use permit for geophysical testing to determine subsurface and rock characteristics along Roads 4601 and 4603 west of Bend. Bore holes and test pits to be excavated.

Communication Tower Replacement at Bearwallow Butte, Day Wireless Systems Comm. SIte

A 100 foot communication tower with structural problems needs to be replaced. The services provided by this site and tower are critical to St. Charles Hospital and Air Link. Existing tower will be dismangeda nd removed.

Cow Meadow Enhancement Project

Project will improve habitat for Rocky Mountain Elk and a variety of bird species on about 170 acres of meadow habitat on the north shoreline of Crane Prairie Reservoir by cutting conifers, primarily lodgepole, and prescribed burning in the fall.

Coyote, Cinder Hill & Pine Mountain Range Allotments

Update rangeland management practices on these three allotments to provide forage for livestock while maintaining upland habitat. Proposes to issue term grazing permits that provide for compliance with the Deschutes NF land management plan.

Crane Caretaker Cabin CE

Hazardous fuels reduction adjacent to the Crane Prairie Dam Caretaker's station located near the Crane Prairie Dam outlet. Treatment of dead and down lodgepole pine. Includes commercial harvest and removal of dead and down trees.

Crossings Fuels CE

Proposes to use mechanical treatment, including commercial harvest, to mitigate high intensity wildfire by reducing naturally occurring fuel loads adjacent to the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) adjacent to LaPine Newberry Estates & BLM lands.

Deadlog Vegetation Management Project

Project proposes to use a combination of commercial & non-commercial harvest, mowing, and underburning to restore and maintain fire dependent ecosystems & to maintain forest health. Project proposes to treat approximately 10,875 acres.

Deschutes County Road Department Sand Shed Project

Proposes special use permit to be issued to Deschutes Co. Road Department to permit the construction, operation, and maintenance of a sanding material storage facility.

Deschutes National Forest Supervisor's & Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District Co-Location Construction Pro

Project proposes construction of new combined Forest Headquarters & Bend-Fort Rock RD office at the Bend Pine Nursery Administrative Site. Includes 3 phase construction of eight (8) new buildings with less than 1 mile of road/parking construction.

Deschutes River Spawning Enhancement

Project would restore approximately 100 cubic yards of spawning gravel to the Deschutes River immediately below Wickiup Dam.

Devil's Garden/Aspen Subunit

Improve winter mule deer habitat through non-commerical thinning of ponderosa pine stands, mechanical shrub treatments, and prescribe fire. Reduce hazardous fuels and stand densities to reduce risk of uncharacteristic, high intensity wildfire.

EXF Thinning, Fuels Reduction, and Research Project

Within the Pringle Falls Experimental Forest, thinning, mowing and underburning of aprox. 2,554 acres ponderosa pine to reduce fuel loading and risk of beetle attack. Study plan answers serveral research questions about disturbance in ponderosa pine.

East Tumbull Urban Interface Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Hazardous fuels reduction activities west of Tumalo, Bend, and Sunriver.

Elk Lake Recreation Residence Special Use Permit Re-issuance

Review status and consistency of term summer home special use permits adn renew permits found consistent. Includes summer homes on the shore of Elk Lake.

Empire Stone LLC - Request to Explore for Decorative Stone

Proposes to issue a special use permit to Empire Stone LLC to explore for decorative stone material.

Expiring Permit Re-issuance Gas Transmission Northwest

This project would re-issue existing expring permits for Gas Transmission Northwest.

Expiring Permit Re-issuance OSU Geophysical Study

This project would re-issue existing expring permits for OSU and Gas Transmission Northwest.


Proposes vegetation treatments including thinning and final removal of overstory lodgepole pine. Includes fuels reduction in the wildland-urban interface and road closures.

Fire Rehabilitation of the Finley 2 Fire and 627 Fire

Reforest two burn area with planting seedlings, cutting dead/damaged trees less than 10", address slash accumulation and prune/girdle dwarf mistletoe trees.

Fish Passage Improvements on Soda and Goose Creeks

The culvert at Goose Cr. will be replaced with a larger diameter culvert pipe; at Soda Cr. with a bridge or pre-facbricated box culvert. Bankfull channel widths would be exceeded at both sites, improving the passage of large wood and debris.

Flank Vegetation and Fuels Management

Commercial thinning, small tree thinning, salvage and overstory removal treatments on about 5,640 acres to help improve forest resiliency, move watershed toward historic range of variability, contribute forest products, and reduce fuels.

Flattop Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

Use of prescribe fire (burning beneath trees) on approx. 3670 acres w/in Deer Management land allocation (MA7). Objectives are to reduce surface fuels and shrub densities beneath large, open-grown ponderosa pine canopies and to improve deer forage.

Forest Service Tower Replacement - Lookout Mountain

The Deschutes National Forest needs to replace a communication tower that will support two radio antennas that are key for radio coverage on the Forest. The new structure will be a 100-foot, self-supporting lattice tower.

Fry Thinning and Fuels Reduction

Thinning and mowing underbrush on about 69 acres followed by underburning to reduce risk of beetle mortality and provide defensible space within urban interface.

General Patch Bridge Removal Project

The proposed action is to remove the General Patch Bridge, including its superstructure, substructure and approach structures because it is in a failed condition.

Gull Point Boat Ramps Improvement Project

Upgrade and improve Gull Point Campground and North Wickiup boat ramps. Includes expansion of parking at North Wickiup site.

Kapka Butte Sno-park

The Forest is proposing to provide high elevation parking for winter recreationists. The proposed parking area would link into existing and new winter recreation trails (snowmobile, non-motorized, and dog friendly trails). The parking area would have parking spaces available for smaller vehicles and vehicle towing trailers. Approximately 70 slots would be designated for trailers and 40 slots for non-trailer vehicles.

Lava Butte Multi-Use Path

Create a non-motorized paved path from Lava Lands Visitor Center to Sunriver that would serve bicyclists and pedestrians, following existing roads primarily. Native-surface roads will be converted to trail designed to be compliant with the ADA.

Lava Cast Project

Vegetation treatments of forest stands using commercial and noncommercial thinning, prescribe fire, mechanical shrub treatments, pruning, and girdling.

Lava Cast Timber Stand Imrprovement CE

Improve ponderosa pine regeneration stands using non-commercial thinning, mechanical shrub treatment (mowing & slash busting), pruning, and girdling.

Long Prairie Mistletoe Reduction Project

Proposes to remove overstory lodgepole and ponderosa pine to reduce spread of dwarf mistletoe to understory within stands naturally regenerated following previous timber harvest.

Meissner Nordic Area Expansion

Construct approximately 14 km of new trails & widen existing trails to full grooming width of 20 feet. Expand parking area, construct warming shelter, and create a staging area and terrain park.

Midstate Electric Cooperative Powerline Reroute

Midstate Electric is proposing to reroute approximately 3.5 miles of powerline from near the Inn of the Seventh Mountain on Rd 46 to near Skyliners Road.

Midstate Electric Power Line Maintenance

Issue a special use permit to Midstate Electric to allow the replacement of deteriorating poles and repair an existing road along their power line right-of-way.

Midstate Whittier Power Line

The proposed power line would begin at the intersection of La Pine State Rec. Road and Whittier Road and run north approximately 2.43 miles to Foster Road. The project would involve the installation of 40 foot tall power poles every 300 feet along the described route. The project is needed to supply power to the residents of Southern Deschutes County and to provide a more reliable power source for existing customers of Midstate Electric Cooperative.

Mountain Bike Event Course

Create a mountain bike trail system of approximately 25 miles that would be utilized primarily for mountain bike events.

Mt. Bachelor Admin. Building Construction, Guest Services Bldg Reconstruction & Deck Addition

This project proposes to remodel the guest services building and construct a two story administrative building in the parking lot of the West Village, the main base area of the Mount Bachelor Ski Area. Both buildings are located within the disturbed area of the Mount Bachelor parking area.

Mt. Bachelor Mountain Bike Trails

Construction of mountain bike trails and connectors that would allow Mt. Bachelor to provide a balance of trails for all skill levels for downhill biking

Mt. Bachelor Race Timing Building Replacement

Mt. Bachelor Ski Area proposes to replace an existing race timing building with a new facility in a more suitable location. The 16'X20' building would be constructed on the east side of the Cliffhanger Run and utilities re-routed to it.

Mt. Bachelor Ski Area Improvements

Proposal includes on-mountain improvements: new chairlift and associated trails, shortening and/or replacement of existing lifts, expanding snowmaking coverage, construction of a lift-served, downhill mtn. bike park, and additions to Nordic trail. To submit an appeal of the Record of Decision, until further notice please use the following email address, as our appeal inbox is not functioning properly (as of April 1, 2013):

Myst Hazardous Fuels Reduction

CE#10 enjoinced; project appropriately fits CE category 6 and 12.

ODOT Sand Shed Pit Expansion Exploration

Proposes to issue a special use permit to ODOT to drill 10-30 holes in an area of approximately 40 acres to the Sand Shed cinder pit to explore for cinder resources and determine potential pit expansion boundaries.

OZ Research Project

Project is a research project proposed by Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald, Oregon State Univ, to test 3 alternative thinning techniques to expedite the development of large trees or enhance within-stand diversity. Treatment area totals 553 acres.

Ogden Landscape Vegetation Management Project

Final EIS and Record of Decision now available. Proposal includes commercial and precommercial thinning, shrub mowing, and prescribed burning across approx. 14,600 acres of the 26,500-acre project area to reduce tree densities, encourage LOS development, break up fuel continuity; 2 plan amendments

Opine Vegetation Management

Proposes to restore the resiliency and sustainability of vegetation communities from catastrophic events such as fire,insects and disease,through the use of prescribed fire,mowing,and the thinning of trees to reduce fuel loadings and stocking levels.

Oregon Water Resources Department Stream Gauge Decommissioning and Relocation Project

The Oregon Water Resource Department requesting to replace a stream gauging station on the Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District of the Deschutes National Forest.

Paulina Lake Recreation Residence Special Use Permit Re-issuance

Review status and consistency of term summer home special use permits and renew permits found consistent. Includes summer home tracts along Paulina Lake

Phil's Trailhead Project

Expand and improve the existing parking area by paving and creating up to 96 parking spaces for single and large vehicles while providing universal access. Replace the existing toilet with a double CXT restroom and provide an access route to the facilities. Install an information kiosk with trail and interpretive information. Reconstruct access road 4604 by reducing width, resurface with asphalt and improve ditches. Provide gathering areas with picnic tables, benches, or large rocks.

Pine Mountain Observatory Master

Proposes to develop a new master plan with proposed facility development to meet present and future research and educational needs including the construction of new telescopes, a learning center, support facilities, parking and researcher housing.

Pine Mountain Sage Grouse Habitat Enhancement Project

Falling of encroaching conifers 14 in. dbh & smaller on historic xeric shrublands utilized by the greater sage-gouse between FR 23 & the forest boundary on & around Pine Mtn. Includes construction of 4 guzzlers or water catchment structures.

Prescribed Fire Maintenance Project

The Forest proposes to prescribe underburn about 15,000 acres over 72 units. These areas were previously underburned following thinning activities and are now in need of maintenance of the fuels.

Quartz Mountain Allotment Waterline Extension

This projects proposes to install 7.2 miles of below ground 1 ΒΌ inch to 1 inch PVC waterline to fill existing watersets on the Quartz Mountain Allotment. The line would be buried 18 inches where possible using a backhoe/tractor.

Rim Butte OHV Jeep Trails

The Rim Butte OHV Jeep Trail Project would designate a motorized Class II trail system as part of the Deschutes National Forest?s strategy for implementing the Forest Service?s National 2005 Travel Management Rule. The Deschutes National Forest proposes to designate approximately 30 miles of Class II OHV trails in the Rim Butte area to provide a loop trail system with a variety of technical challenge levels. Designated routes would be located on areas of existing disturbance, such as roads or skid trails, as much as possible. New trail would be designated in some locations and require minimal construction or vegetative disturbance to define the trail tread. Obstacles would be left to create technical difficulty and minimize safety concerns associated with access by non-Class II motorized vehicles.

Ryan Ranch Meadow/Aspen/Willow Enhancement Project

Prescribe burn approximately 80 acres to reduce fuels and rejuvenate grasses, forbs, and sedges for elk and other wildlife. Remove lodgepole from approximately 15 acres of adjacent aspen and willow to improve growth and survival.

Section 1: Quarts Mtn. Water Line Extension

protect existing pipeline in three pastures on the Quartz Mtn. grazing allotment by burying the seven mile line. The pipeline provides water to six watersets from a well located on private land.

Shultz Well and Waterline Special Use Permit

Forest Service proposes to issue a special use permit for existing water pipelines traversing 170 feet of NFS land, use and maintenance of an existing government-owned well and pump house, and maintaining existing holder-owned facilities.

Snow Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

Project proposes to reduce hazardous fuels using a combination of salvage harvest of dead and down timber, commercial & non-commercial thinning, ladder fuel reduction, prescribe fire, & piling and burning of excess fuels on approximately 6,017 acres.

Soda Creek Channel Restoration

0.5 miles of Soda Creek's channel below the crossing with Hwy 46 will be re-designed to create the proper sinuosity, width, and depth of the channel. Restoration work in 1997 following flood damage that created channel instabilty will be rectified.

South Bend Hazrdous Fuels Reduction Project

Project proposes to reduce hazardous fuels within Bend Community Wildfire Protection Plan area south of Bend. Proposed treatments include prescribe fire, mechanical shrub treatment (mowing), tree thinning, and piling of excess fuels.

Special Use Permit Reissuance: North Unit Irrigation District-Wickiup Dam Facility

Forest proposes to re-issue Special Use Permit to holder North Unit Irrigation District for maintaining facilities for the operation of Wickiup Dam, including a residence, dormitory, gargage, shop, weather station, water and sanitation systems.

Special Use Permit Reissuance: ODFW Hosmer Lake Dam

Special use permit to be re-issued to Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife which authorizes the continued maintenance of a rubble-masonry dam for the purpose of raising the water level of Hosmer Lake for enhancement of fish habitat.

Special Use Permit Reissuance: ODFW Lava Lake Weir

Special Use Permit to be re-issued to Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife which authorizes the continued maintenance of a concrete weir for non-game fish control on Lava Lake.

Special Use Permit Reissuance: Sunriver Environmental LLC Wastewater Pipeline

Special use permit to be re-issued for area covering approx. 1.85 acres (about 1.5 miles long), authorizing operation and maintenance of a 10" treated effluent wastewater pipeline and four conduits for electrical and telemtry cables.

Special User Permit Reissuance: ODFW Cow Camp Cabin

Special use permit to be re-issued to Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife which authorizes the continued maintenance of a cabin at north end of Craine Prairie Reservoir (Cow Camp), includingouthouses and apprtenances for use as training and work center

Sugar Pine Butte Tower Replacement

Western Radio Services is planning to replace the existing communication tower on Sugar Pine Butte with a similar tower in the same location. The existing concrete footing would be replaced with new concrete.

Sugar Pine Seed Orchard Fence

Construct animal exclusion fence around 5 acre area to protect disease resistant seedlings from big game browse damage.

Sunriver HFRA Project

fuels reduction within the Wildland Urban Interface and along evacuation routes, through thinning, mowing, and burning across about 5,350 acres.

Sunriver Vector Control Project

Modify & extend existing special use permit issued to Four Rivers Vector Control District. Use Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis to eradicate mosquitoes adjacent to approx. 11 miles of Deschutes River near Sunriver OR including NF lands.

Sunriver to Lava Lands Visitor Center Paved Path

The Deschutes National Forest proposes to pave a ten foot wide path from the community of Sunriver to Lava Lands Visitor Center and Benham East Day Use Area. This path would serve non-motorized visitors including bicyclists and pedestrians. The path and associated facilities would be engineered to be compliant with Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines (FSTAG), Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines and Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), mobility devices that meet the definition provided in 36 CFR 212.1 may use this path. The paved path would be designed to allow for emergency vehicle access. Where feasible, the trail would be located in areas that have already experienced disturbance.

Tract C Land Conveyance

Proposes to sell, through a bid process, approximately 950 acres of isolated tracts identified in the Bend Pine Nursery Land Conveyance Act.

Trail of Molten Lands

Will relocate portions of Molten Lands trail and construct a rock shade shelter along the trail.

Tumalo Creek Bridge to Bridge Restoration

Proposes to restore channel stability, fish and wildlife habitat, and riparian vegetation to 2.2 miles of Tumalo Creek damaged in the 1979 Bridge Creek Fire.

Tumalo Creek Floodplain Enhancement Project

Encroaching conifers and brush will be thinned out within the meadows, floodplains, and other riparian areas along Tumalo Cr., on approx.100 acres. Firewood gathering may be provided for. Aspen habitat will be enhanced and Engellman Spruce replanted.

U of O Pine Mountain Observatory SUP Fiber Optic Line Install

Install and maintain a fiber optic line that would being at Pine Mountain Observatory paralleling FS road 2017500 to the Qwest Communications Facility at the Pine Moutain Communication Site. Line will be buried in previously disturbed utility ditch.

US Cellular Tower at Wampus Butte

The proposal is to construct a 10' X 12' building, an approximately 85' tower, propane tank, generator, and fence. A building and tower of this size will allow for future co-location opportunities.

USGS Volcanic Monitoring Stations

The USGS will install eight volcanic monitoring stations on the flanks of Newberry Volcano, each consisting of a seismometer, a GPS, and a digital radio. Impact of each site 80 square feet or less.

Verizon Lease Renewal Antelope Communication Site

Renew communications use lease for Verizon's facility at Antelope Communications site, which included a tower, shelter and propane tank. No new improvements or ground disturbing activities will be authorized.

Wanoga Infield Pump Track (Steve Larson Trailhead Reconstruction)

Project proposes to create mountain bicycle trails within the center of the Wanoga Sno-Park parking lot and improves the Wanoga Trailhead.

Welcome Station Powerline Installation

Power and data access are to be provided to the Welcome Station site located on the north side of the Cascade Lakes Highway opposite junction with Forest Road 41. The line will be a combination of buried and overhead and cross the highway once.

West Tumbull HFRA

Fuel reduction within the Wildland Urban Interface in the area of the Skyliner subdivision and Tumalo Falls area. Activities include commercial and non-commercial thinning, commercial salvage, mowing and underburning within 4,587 acre project area.

Crescent Ranger District

2008 Small-diameter Thinning

Thinning of small diameter trees.

2013 Crescent Ranger District Recreation Residences

Recreation Residence improvements to properties on Odell Lake and Crescent Lake

2013 Small Diameter Tree Thinning

Small diameter tree thinning on 202 acres in nine units. Of the 202 acres 131 acres in five units are managed plantations, 44 acres in two units for post and poles, and 27 acres in two units for huckleberry enhancement.

2014 Recreation Residence CE

The purpose of the projects is to allow permittees to maintain safe and accessible residences that comply with State and Federal regulations, and to restore vegetation in certain areas.

BLT Vegetation Management & Fuels Reduction

Assessing forest health and wild/land urban interface risk to communities in the Little Deschutes watershed. MA: Matrix, General Forest, Oregon Cascades Recreation Area, Wild & Scenic Rivers, Old Growth.

Bend Broadband Walker Mountain Line

Installation of fiberoptic line and upgrade existing power poles from west side of Hwy 97 to top of Walker Mountain. Includes (3) vaults installed on the way to Walker Mt, trenching for line burial and installation of (7)vaults at communication site.

Big Marsh Phase II

The proposal is to burn about 200 acres of open area each year for five years and remove or kill scattered lodgepole pines on 100 acres in order to restore the hydrologic function of the Big Marsh ecosystem.

Crescent Creek Wild and Scenic River plan

Resource assessment has been completed. Preparation of management plan and environmental assessment for protection of outstandingly remarkable values on Crescent Creek. Will involve a Forest Plan Amendment.

Crescent Lake Recreation Residences Special Use Permit Re-issuance

Review status and consistancy of term summer home use permits and renew permits as found consistant. Includes summer home tracts on Crescent Lake.

Crescent Lake Resort Development

The proposal is to develop a 4.6 acre campground for Recreational Vehicles at Crescent Lake Resort. MA: Intensive Recreation

Crescent Lake Wildland-Urban Interface Project

Urban interface fuel reduction near Crescent Lake Junction, using prescribed burning,mechanical brush piling,commercial and non-commercial thinning. Vegetation management surrounding Camp Makulla to improve forest health and reduce hazardous fuels.

Crescent Ranger District Administrative Site Project EA

To evaluate the potential replacement of the current office facilities/buildings on the Crescent Ranger District Administrative Site with a modern, energy efficient building.

Davis Fire Recovery Project

To accelerate recovery and provide sustainable conditions in the Davis Late Successional Reserve and to recover value of trees killed or damaged outside of the reserve during the Davis Fire, June/July 2003.

Five Buttes Vegetation Management Project

Proposes to maintain or improve sustainable ecosystems, maintain and promote late and old structured stands, and reduce the risk of wide-scale loss from a large disturbance event.

Hardy Land Adjustment

Proposes minor adjustment to lot line due to survey error. MA: Wild and Scenic River

Lakeside Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Removal of hazardous ladder fuels and down wood that are currently at levels higher than historic at Crescent and Odell Lakes.

Odell Butte - Midstate Electric/Klamath County

The Forest Service proposes to have a current wooden Midstate electric power pole on Odell Butte replaced with a metal monopole capable of supporting a microwave dish, thus enabling Klamath County Emergency Services to operate as a tenant on the pole

Odell Butte - RCC Atlantic dba Verizon Wireless Communication Facility Upgrades

Issuance of a Special Use Permit to Verizon to construct and operate upgrades to existing equipment on Odell Butte, including replacing wooden pole with metal pole, expanding equipment building, and constructing a generator building.

Odell Butte AT&T Communications Facility Construction

To evaluate Forest Service issuance of a communication use lease for construction and operation of a new communications facility to support communications equipment for AT&T.

Odell Creek Fish Passage Structure Modification

The purpose of the project is to allow for modification to the existing fish passage structure in Odell Creek to mitigate any potential impacts to the lake level which might result from the fish passage structure being in place.

Odell Creek Habitat Restoration

The project aims to improve fish passage at the outlet of Odell Lake in order to restore populations of Bull Trout in the drainage,by placing a configuration of down logs in the stream channel just below the crest of the Lake.

Odell Creek Riparian Maintenance CE

Hand thinning of young lodgepole pine (4" diameter or less) enchroachment along the riparian corridor of lower Odell Creek

Odell Horse Bridge Replacement Project

Replace the horse bridge at Forest Service road 4670 and Odell Creek

Odell Lake Recreation Residences Special Use Permit Re-issuance

Review status and consistency of term summer home use permits and renew permits as found consistent. Includes summer home tracts on the shore of Odell Lake.

Odell Lake Resort Permit Renewal

Renew Special Use Permit for the Odell Lake Resort. No additional improvements are activities are permitted under this renewal. Permit changes from 20 year to 25 year.

Oregon Skyways LLC dba Willamette Pass Ski Resort

Re-issue of a Special Use Permit to the Willamette Ski Area for their snowmaking water system. Note: This is non-potable water only.

Precommercial Tree Thinning 2005

Precommercial thinning of about 2722 acres in 97 units. Trees to be thinned are generally 15-20 years old and not larger than 6 inches diameter. Spacing would vary from 12 - 20 feet.

Spruce Creek Riparian Rehabilitation

Improve riparian habitat and function by removing selected encroaching lodgepole pine, spot burning willow clumps, planting riparian-dependant vegetation and placing woody material in the stream channel.

Sun Forest Fuels Reduction Project

Approximately 800 acres of prescribed fire to create a fuel break between National Forest System land and private land in areas where prescribed fire can be used.

Three Trails OHV System

Proposal to designate approximately 200 miles of trail systems and staging areas near Boundary Springs, Two Rivers, and Crescent Lake Junction. Also would rehabilitate user-created trails. A Deschutes National Forest Plan Amendment would be needed.

Walker Mountain Communication Site (AT &T/ Walker Range) EA

To evalute issuance of a communication lease to authorize AT &T Mobility to redevelop an existing communication facility (and partner with an existing and senior leaseholder Walker Range Patrol Association) at the Walker Mountain Comm. Site.

Walker Mountain Communication Site/Bonneville Power Building and Tower

The Department of Energy with BPA proposes that the Forest Service amend the site plan to allow the construction of a new 140-foot tower and 600 square-foot building. A Deschutes Natonal Forest Plan amendment would be required.

Wickiup Acres WUI Fuels Reduction Project

Thinning of trees 12" dbh or smaller and biomass utilization on 250 acres.

Willamette Pass Ski Area Boundary Adjustment

Proposes to adjust the permitted ski area boundary to include an inactive rock quarry to facilitate public safety and efficient operation of the ski area.

Sisters Ranger District

Addition to a Recreation Residence Tract O Lot 25

The project would construct a new 222 square foot addition to the north side of the cabin

B&B Fire Recovery Project

Recover fire killed timber before it loses all of its economic value, help reduce the potentiel for future high mortality fire. Landscape goals include: protect and restore forest ecosystems consistent with natural processes and management direction.

Bear Valley Creek Fish Passage

The project will improve fish passage by removing a culvert on Bear Valley Creek. In addition, about 1.5 miles of Forest Road 1235-500 will be decommissioned.

Black Butte Lookout Quarters Replacement

The existing lookout cabin will be relocated and replaced and the site restored. The existing network of social trails will be consolidated into a single trail system.

Black Crater Fire Timber Salvage Project

Salvage logging of 201 acres of trees killed by the Black Crater Fire of 2006, which includes 194 acres of salvage and 7 acres of danger tree removal.

Bridge 99 Fire Personal Use Firewood Project

The proposed action would allow personal use firewood cutting in the 2014 Bridge 99 fire area. About 11 miles of Forest Roads would access firewood cutting areas. Firewood cutting would be limited to areas located in the Matrix land allocation.

Demolition and Reconstruction of a Recreation Residence, Tract C, Lot 43

The project would demolish an existing building and construct a new cabin in the same location. The new cabin would meet the design criteria outlined in the Deschutes National Forest Design Guidelines for Recreation Residences

Eyerley Road Decommissioning Project

About 38 miles of road would be decommissioned to protect resource values and reduce road maintenance costs.

Eyerly Fire Salvage

Recover value of trees killed and damaged during the Eyerly Fire. Project will also analyze hazard tree removal, reforestation, and road system. Emergency Situation Determination requested to allow project to be implemented after decision is signed.

GW Fire Danger Tree Abatement Project

The project would remove Likely and Imminent danger trees along Forest Roads located in the GW Fire area.

GW Fire Timber Salvage Project

The project will salvage about 2.86 MMBF of fire killed timber from the GW Fire Area. The project takes place on about 218 acres of the General Forest/Matrix land allocation.

Glaze Forest Restoration Project

The project will restore old-growth ponderosa pine forests and riparian habitats with ecologically driven thinning, shrub mowing, and prescribed fire

House on the Metolius Sign Replacement

The House of the Metolius would be issued a Special Use permit for construction and maintenance of a private sign located on National Forest System lands.

Install Rock Siding and Reconstruction of a Deck Recreation Residence Tract H Lot 5

Install new rock siding along the perimeter of the cabin and demolish a 4' x 4' deck and build a new deck in its place.

Installation of a Buried Electrical Line at Recreation Residence Tract F Lot 2

The project would bury a new electric line alongside of an exsiting driveway in semi-disturbed and compacted area.

Lake Creek Fish Passage

Replace culvert on Forest Road 12, add 2-3 fish screens on Lake Creek, north fork Lake Creek, and south fork Lake Creek

Metolius Basin Forest Management Project

Fire hazard reduction; safety and property protection; tribal andnatural resources protected; Restoration of old growth, protection of watershed

Metolius River Recreation Residence Special Use Permit Re-issuance

Review status and consistency of term summer home use permits and renew permits as found consistent. Includes summer home tracts along Metolius.

Metolius River Trails Improvement Project

The project will restore about 61 trail sites and replace bridges along the Metolius River. Sites adjacent to the river are bleeding sediment and affecting fish habitat. The log bridges are old and need to be replaced to protect public safety.

Pole Creek Fire Danger Tree Abatement

The project would provide for public and employee safety in areas of high public use or concentrated administrative use by Forest Service employees. The area is now exposed to an elevated risk from numerous fire killed trees along roads in the area.

Pole Creek Fire Timber Salvage Project

The project proposes to harvest 13MMBF of fire killed timber from the 2012 Pole Creek fire area. Timber harvest would take place exclusively in the Matrix land allocation as defined in the Northwest Forest Plan. About 1,051 acres would be harvested.

Popper Vegetation Management Project

About 6,000 acres of the project area has been impacted by the 2012 Pole Creek fire. The district has determined that a new proposed action and project will be developed and the Popper project will be canceled.

Quantum Communications LLC: Install, Maintain, and Operate a Fiber Optic Line

The purpose of the fiber optic line is to provide backhaul for a private communications facility and provide opportunities for the public for braodband services. The project would place about 8700 feet of optic line in an existing right of way.

Renewal Of Existing Special Use Permits: Road Access to a Private Residence

The project would renew expired permits on the Sisters Ranger District. There is a need to make authorizations current and ensure complaince with Forest Service regulations.

Renewal of Existing Special Use Permits: Signs

The project would reissue existing special use permits on the Sisters Ranger District. There is a need to make authorizations current and ensure compliance with Forest Service regulations.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit: Bridge Access

This action is needed to renew an expired permit. There is a need to make authorizations current and ensure complance with Forest Service regulations.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit: Dancing Tree Trust

The project would renew an expired special use permit. This action is needed to make authorizations current and ensure complaince with Forest Serice regulations.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit: Irrigation Pipelines

The project would renew an existing special use permit(s). This action is needed to make authorizations current and ensure compliance with Forest Service regualtions.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit: Oregon Department of Transportation

The project would renew an expired special use permit. This action is needed to make authorizations current and ensure compliance with Forest Service regulations.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit: Road Access to Private Property

The project would renew expired special use permit(s). This action is needed to make authorizations current and ensure complaince with Forest Service regualtions.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit: Willows Ranch Irrigation Water Ditch

The project would renew an existing special use permit. This action is needed to make authorizations current and ensure compliance with Forest Service regulations.

Renewal of an Existing Special Use Permit; Central Electric Cooperative, Inc

The project would renew an experied permit. This action is needed to make authorizations current and ensure complaince with Forest Service regulations.

Round Lake Christian Camp Reconstruction

Rebuilding facilities at the group camp after loss of structures in the B&B fire of 2003

Sisters Admin Site Conveyance

Sell all or part of 80 acre Forest Service -- Sisters Ranger District administrative site within city of Siters, and relocate Sisters Ranger District facilities. Special Authories: Pilot Conveyance Act.

Sisters Area Fuels Reduction (SAFR)

Mowing, thinning, underburning in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) adjacent to Sisters. Establish fuels treatment area consistent with Sisters Communicty Protection Plan.

Sisters Community Trails

The project would build about 21 miles of paved non-motorized path, single track trail, equestrian trails and a trailhead facility in the vicinity of Sisters, Oregon

TSID Dam Fish Passage and Channel Restoration

Restore fish passage and habitat for resident and anadromous fish above the Three Sisters Irrigation Diversion (TSID) dam.

TSID Main Canal Project

The project will replace 3.8 miles of open irrigation canal with high density polyethylene pipe, reducing irrigation water needs by 6 cfs. The 6 cfs will be returned to Whychus Creek through the Department of Water Resources Conserved Water program.

Whychus Creek Wild and Scenic River Plan

Resource Assessment completed in 2005. Preparation of Management Plan and Environmental Assessment to prepare management guidance for protection of outstandingly remarkable values on Whychus Creek. Will involve a Forest Plan Amendment.

Whychus Floodplain Restoration Project

The project would address the loss of floodplain and flood channel connection to the creek that resulted from berm construction following the 1964 flood.

Whychus Portal

The project would provide managed access to the Whychus Wild and Scenic River, restore impacted areas, and provide education about low impact recreation practices and area ecology.

Winter Backcountry Huts and Guide Service Special Use Permit

Issue a special use permit through a competitive prospectus to allow for winter backcountry guide services.

Winter Yurt Special Use Permit

The purpose of the project is to amend the SUP issued to Three Sisters Backcountry to authorize additional winter Nordic recreation opportunities.

Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery Rearing Pond Replacement

The project would authorize the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to demolish and reconstruct multiple fish rearing ponds within the permitted boundaries located on National Forest System lands.

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