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Deschutes National Forest NEPA Projects

Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground. The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. Projects that are "Developing Proposal" or "Under Analysis" may have an opportunity for public collaboration and input on the proposed actions and the analysis being conducted.

Deschutes National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Projects on the Forest Managed by Other Units

Union Pacific Railroad Fiberoptic Installation

Union Pacific Railroad requests a Special Use Permit to install fiberoptic cable conduits on the Middle Fork RD (Willamette NF) and Crescent RD (Deschutes NF).

Invasive Plant Treatments

Supplemental EIS for site-specific treatment of invasive plants at approx. 1,892 sites on the Ochoco and Deschutes NF and Crooked River National Grassland. Methods include herbicides, manual, mechanical and cultural. Please note, Appeal Resolution documents on this website pertain to the 2007 Record of Decision and are not associated with the Supplemental EIS.

Deschutes National Forest All Units

Ponderosa Mountain Men, Kokanee Power of Oregon, and Sporthill Special Use Permit Renewals

The Crescent Ranger District is considering Ponderosa Mountain Men, Kokanee Power of Oregon, and Sporthill proposals to renew their special use permits. There is no ground disturbing work required, this is an administrative process only.

Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District

2014 BPA Power Pole and Road Work Project

BPA is proposing to replace danger poles and perform road upgrades inside of its existing Right-Of-Way along the La Pine-Chemult and the La-Pine to Pilot Butte Lines on the Deschutes National Forest.

Brown's Cr. and Arnold Ice Cave Post Fire Restoration

Two wildfire areas are proposed for restoration: Arnold Ice Cave, 120 ac. burned in 2012 to be planted with ponderosa seedlings. Brown's Creek, 107 ac. burned in 2013 will have dead material <6" felled, piled, burned; planted with ponderosa.

Cascade Pit Restoration

Rehabilitation of a decommissioned rock pit south of Phil's Trailhead to aid in the eradication of Medusahead rye - an aggressive noxious weed. Light wire fence to be placed along road that runs through pit. Revegetation of the pit to native plants.

CenturyLink Fiber Optic Installation Widgi Creek

CenturyLink proposes to install a fiber optic line on existing poles from private near hwy 46 to FSR 100 across form Widgi Creek Golf Course where the line would go to a vault and travel underground the road then cross under the road to private land

Cultus Lake Resort Special Use Permit

Reissue a special use permit to Cultus Lake Resort to allow the permitte to continue to operate an existing resort on National Forest System lands.

Drink Fuels Management Project

Treatments are aimed at establishing open sites for rapid access and aerial delivery of fire fighters and supplies as well as safety zones and escape routes to reduce the potential for large fires. Project will evaluate meadow sites and beetle kill.

Flat Vegetation Management Project

14k acres thinning in ponderosa pine, overstory removal in lodgepole, precommercial thinning and fuel treatments to maintain and restore forest health to increase stand productivity, reduce threat of large scale wildfire, and contribute wood products

Junction Vegetation Management Project

Commercial thinning, small tree thinning, salvage and overstory removal treatments on about 16,000 acres to help improve forest health and resiliency, contribute forest products, and to reduce fuels. About 70% lodgepole pine, 30% ponderosa pine.

Midstate Elk Lake Powerline Installation

Install an underground power line from an existing pedestal to two cabins. The ditch would be approximately 750 feet long X 3 feet deep X 2 feet wide. A backhoe or trencher would be used to install the line in conduit.

Newberry Geothermal Consent to Lease Project

The decision will either allow or deny BLM permission to lease National Forest System lands for geothermal exploration and potential development. Forest is analyzing 11 new parcels.

ODOT Facility Upgrades-Wampus Butte & Antelope Communications Sites

ODOT is proposing to replace existing towers and build new generator buildings at Wampus Butte and Antelope Communications Sites.

Prescribed Fire in the Wilderness

The project would use prescribed fire in and adjacent to the Three Sisters Wilderness area to modify vegetation and fuels to reduce the threats to values at risk outside of Wilderness to allow fire to play a more natural role within the Wilderness

Qwest dba CenturyLink QC Wampus Butte Fiber Optic Line

Qwest is proposing to install a buried fiber optic line at the Wampus Butte Communications Site to provide backhaul for cellular providers and other users at the site.

Recreation Residence Cabin Rebuild

Remove existing recreation residence cabin at Elk Lake and rebuild the foundation and cabin in the same location and footprint. Special User Permit is for the use of the land for this private-owned improvement.

Recreation Special Use Permits Reissuances

The Forest Service is proposing to reissue multiple expired Special Use permits issued for a variety of recreation events, outfitter/guide services, and one resort on the Deschutes National Forest.

Red Butte Cinder Pit Expansion

The purpose of this project is for FS to respond to ODOTs request to expand the pit to utilize cinders to accommodate their 10-year Mineral Materials Contract and provide a long-term source.

Research Natural Area Establishment - Headwaters of the Cultus River

Finalize the establishment of a candidate Research Natural Area (RNA) identified in the Deschutes National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP). RNA: Headwaters of the Cultus River

Research Natural Area Establishment - Katsuk Butte

Finalize the establishment of a candidate Research Natural Area (RNA) identified in the Deschutes National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP). RNA: Katsuk Butte

Research Natural Area Establishment - Many Lakes

Finalize the establishment of a candidate Research Natural Area (RNA) identified in the Deschutes National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP). RNA: Many Lakes.

Research Natural Area Establishment - Wechee Butte

Finalize the establishment of a candidate Research Natural Area (RNA) identified in the Deschutes National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP). RNA: Wechee Butte

Rocket Vegetation Management Project

Commercial thinning, plantation thinning, deer habitat improvement, shrub mowing, and Rx fire on over 9,000 acres. The project area is primarily second-growth ponderosa pine, includes a portion of Newberry Nat. Volcanic Monument, large lava flows.

Ryan Ranch Wetland Restoration Project

Restore 0.3 miles of Deschutes riverbank including the natural hydrological function of an historic slough floodplain. Native veg will be planted to stabilize riverbank. Relocation of 0.25 mi. Des. River Trail; add'l parking and ADA facilities

Two Bulls Fire Reforestation

Plant ponderosa pine on approximately 134 acres that burned in the 2014 Two Bulls wildfire. This is the areas outside of the salvage proposal.

Two Bulls Timber Salvage Project

Salvage log approximately 250 acres of forest burned in the 2014 Two Bulls Fire, removing dead trees. Large snags retained. Tops and limbs would be grapple piled and piles burned. This will be followed with planting of ponderosa pine seedlings.

Upper Deschutes Riparian Restoration

Along Deschutes River near Tetherow Boat Ramp and Benham Falls Day Use Area: User-created roads and trails created by motor vehicles will be de-compacted through subsoiling; vegetation planted (upland shrubs and grasses); plus streambank restored.

Upper Deschutes River Fuels Reduction

Ladder fuel reduction, shrub mowing, and prescribed burning totaling about 1200 acres, within the wildland-urban interface of several small communities in the Upper Deschutes River area.

Ursus Vegetation Management Project

About 4,000 acres of lodgepole pine and mixed conifer forest treated with salvage harvest, regeneration harvest, and fuels reduction. Located between a large expanse of Roadless & Wilderness to west and privately-held forest to the east.

Verizon Lease Renewal Improvements at Spring River Communications Site

Renew Communications Use Lease BEN612201 for Verizon%u2019s facility at Spring River Communications site which includes a tower, shelter, propane tank and fence. No new improvements or ground disturbing activities will be authorized.

Welcome Station Trail Connections

Provide additional paved non-motorized trails, designated single-track mountain bike trails, and a trailhead facility on National Forest System lands adjacent to and around the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway Welcome Station.

West Bend Vegetation Management Project

Moving the area toward a more resilient landscape, providing a diversity of habitats, and reducing hazardous fuels. Approximately 14,745 acres of commercial thinning, for a total of 22,000 acres proposed for thinning, mowing, and/or underburning. The project is also part of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration project area. Read about this at www.deschutescollaborativeforest.org/.

ZZZ Reforestation Project

Approx. 354 acres on east side of the District are in need of ponderosa pine seedling planting. The area does not meet minimum stockng standards following thinning. Hand planting followed by browse prevention through fencing and big game repellent.

Crescent Ranger District

2011 Small Diameter Tree Thinning Project

Thin small trees averaging six inches in diameter on approximately 500 acres of (generally) managed plantations located throughout the District

2014 Recreation Residence CE - Second Batch

2014 Recreation Residence Improvement projects...second batch are those that required more extensive heritage analysis.


Ecosystem Services based-project designed to maintain and enhance a set of values unique to the planning area, including hunting and recreation opportunities, wildlife and botanical resources, water quality, and scenic views.

Odell Lake Resort Permit Renewal

Renew Special Use Permit for the Odell Lake Resort. No additional improvements are activities are permitted under this renewal. Permit changes from 20 year to 25 year.

Rim Paunina Project

A 40,000 acre watershed on the southern end of Crescent Ranger District whose goal is to utilize forestry techniques that disturb the forest at appropriate levels to create and maintain a diversity of habitats closer to what historically occurred.

Redmond Air Center

Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center Building Lease

Project is to lease/construct a building for the COIDC at the Redmond Air Center. The analysis will not be subject to FS notice, comment and objection regs. because the activities will not be implementing a decision under a Land & Resource Mgmt Plan

Sisters Ranger District

Bridge 99 Fire Personal Use Firewood Project

The proposed action would allow personal use firewood cutting in the 2014 Bridge 99 fire area. About 11 miles of Forest Roads would access firewood cutting areas. Firewood cutting would be limited to areas located in the Matrix land allocation.

Chush Falls Trailhead Relocation

The project would relocate the Chush Falls trailhead to protect Wilderness and Wild and Scenic river values.About 1 mile of road would be decommissioned and about 1.4 miles of road would be closed.About 2.3 miles of road would be converted to trails.

Eyerly Fire Salvage

Recover value of trees killed and damaged during the Eyerly Fire. Project will also analyze hazard tree removal, reforestation, and road system. Emergency Situation Determination requested to allow project to be implemented after decision is signed.

Indian Ford Creek Restoration Project

The project would restore fish passage to Indian Ford Creek by addressing the last remaining artificial barriers. It will improve habitat conditions by reducing dispersed camping impacts, thinning conifers and restoring hydrologic function.

Knapp Water Diversion Restoration: Indian Ford Creek

The diversion would be decommissioned by removing the head-gate and dam; filling in the old ditch; and making a breach in the ditch to return groundwater seepage back to Indian Ford creek.

Melvin Butte Vegetation Management Project

Maintain and restore resiliency and forest health in stands that provide habitat for interior wildlife species and present a potential risk of large scale wildfires in the Melvin Butte area. The project would generate about 5 MMBF of timber.

Sisters Community Trails

The project would build about 21 miles of paved non-motorized path, single track trail, equestrian trails and a trailhead facility in the vicinity of Sisters, Oregon

Whychus Floodplain Restoration Project

The project would address the loss of floodplain and flood channel connection to the creek that resulted from berm construction following the 1964 flood.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.