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Ochoco National Forest NEPA Projects

Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground. The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. Projects that are "Developing Proposal" or "Under Analysis" may have an opportunity for public collaboration and input on the proposed actions and the analysis being conducted.

Ochoco National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Bear Creek Allotment Management Plans

The proposal is to reauthorize grazing permits and modify grazing management in four allotments: Bear Creek, Elkhorn, Snowshoe and Trout Creek.

Black Mountain Vegetation Management Project

The project's primary purpose is to reduce stand density to a level that is consistent with historic conditions and reduce the potential for high-intensity wildfires while maintaining conditions that support low-intensity fires.

Gap Fuels and Vegetation Management Project

The proposal is to reduce forest density and fuels and conduct restoration activities.

Lamonta Compound Building Project

Construct a new 19,300 sq ft Interagecy Fire Operations Building to replace existing fire cache, restroom/shower building and Hot Shot trailer; building would house BLM Rivers Division, USFS Prairie Division, and USFS Prineville Hot Shots.

Ochoco Summit Trail System

Site-specific analysis of Class I, II and III motorized trail system.

Walton Lake Restoration Project

The proposal is to address public safety concerns in a designated recreation area. Root rot is creating hazard trees; host species would be removed and nonhost species planted. Thin from below would reduce risk of insect infestation in pine stands.

Analysis Completed

Bailey Butte Fire Project

Salvage of fire killed trees and removal of roadside hazard trees within the Bailey Butte Fire perimeter.

Big Summit Cluster Allotment Management Plans

Reauthorization of term grazing permits and modification of grazing management in five cattle allotments.

Burn and Crystal Springs Allotment Management Plan

Reauthorization of grazing in the Crystal Springs and Burn cattle allotments.

Canyon Fuels and Vegetation Management

Commercial and non-commercial vegetation management activities and fuels reduction.

Coyote Hills Prescribed Fire

Improve the vigor of native plants, restore spring flow and increase forage for wildlife and livestock by using prescribed fire to reduce juniper on 2,400 acres.

East Maury Fine Fuels Reduction

Proposal is to burn needles and small branches on felled juniper while ground is frozen or snow-covered. Purpose is to reduce fuels and improve habitat for wildlife and herbaceous vegetation.

East Maurys Fuel & Vegetation Management Project

Prescribed fire, commercial thinning, noncommercial thinning and mechanical fuels treatments would be utilized to improve old growth habitat and increase the resistance of forest stands to insects, disease and high intensity wildfire.

Fox Canyon Cluster Allotment Management Plan

The Fox Canyon AMP proposes to reauthorize term grazing permits and modify grazing management in three Range allotments: Antler, Fox Canyon, and Gray Prairie.

Grassland Vegetation Management

Project proposes to restore Grassland vegetation closer to its historic range of variability and to authorize the grazing of domestic livestock where suitable.

Gray Butte Side-hill SUP

Proposal is to install four new side hill antennas at the Gray Butte Electronic Site. This project would require a Forest Plan amendment.

Gray Prairie Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burning and associated fuel treatment activities.

Hot Springs Mineral Material Source Expansion

The proposal is to expand an existing community mineral material source to accommodate current needs as well as needs into the future. The footprint of the material source would remain less than 5 acres.

Howard Elliot Johnson Fuels and Vegetation Management Project

Fuels and vegetation management in the Howard Creek, Elliot Creek and Johnson Creek subwatersheds.

Invasive Plant Treatments

Supplemental EIS for site-specific treatment of invasive plants at approx. 1,892 sites on the Ochoco and Deschutes NF and Crooked River National Grassland. Methods include herbicides, manual, mechanical and cultural. Please note, Appeal Resolution documents on this website pertain to the 2007 Record of Decision and are not associated with the Supplemental EIS.

Jackson Vegetation Management and Fuels Reduction Project

Manage stand density and fuels within the Jackson project area.

Lower Deep Creek Watershed Restoration Project

The Lower Deep restoration project is designed to improve aquatic habitat conditions and riparian function within the Deep Creek watershed through the placement of large wood, in-stream work, riparian planting, and fence placement.

Marks Creek Allotment Management Plans Project

Update and reauthorize allotment management plans on several grazing allotments.

Maury Mountains Allotment Management Plan

Reauthorize livestock grazing on five allotments within the Maury Mountains.

McKay Fuels and Vegetation Management Project

Commercial and noncommercial thinning to improve stand conditions and reduce risk of unacceptable loss of forested stands due to wildfire, insect & disease.

Southside Allotments Project

The project would continue to authorize livestock grazing on the Heisler, Wind Creek, and Wolf Creek allotments. The project area totals approximately 70,300 acres.

Spears Vegetation Management

Conduct timber harvest, precommercial thinning, and burning activities to increase the abundance of large trees, reduce forest fuels, and enhance diversity of hardwood plant communities.

West Maurys Fuel & Vegetation Management Project

Prescribed fire, commercial thinning, noncommercial thinning and mechanical fuels treatments would be utilized to improve old growth habitat and increase the resistance of forest stands to insects, disease and high intensity wildfire.

Wolf Vegetation and Fuels Management Project

The general purpose of entering this project area is to contribute to the resiliency of the landscape and to promote vegetative conditions that are similar to what occurred historically.

On Hold

Juniper Springs Prescribed Burn

Use prescribed fire to reduce fuels, improve vigor of native plants, restore spring flow, and increase forage for wildlife and livestock on 1,256 acres.

Lookout Mountain Prescribed Burn

Prescribed fire and associated fuels reduction activities in the Lookout Mountain Roadless Area

Lookout Mountain Trails Project

The Ochoco NF is proposing to develop a number of multi-use, non motororized trails within the vicinity of the Lookout Mountain Recreation Area. The trail proposal would create a 75.2 mile network of trails on both new and existing trails.

Ochoco Creek Culvert Replacements

The proposal is to replace two undersized culverts on Ochoco Creek to improve function and remove barriers to movement of aquatic fauna.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.