Ochoco National Forest NEPA Projects

Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground. The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. Projects that are "Developing Proposal" or "Under Analysis" may have an opportunity for public collaboration and input on the proposed actions and the analysis being conducted.

Ochoco National Forest Project Archive

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BPA FY13 Wood Pole Replacement Project for the Big Eddy to Redmond No. 1 Transmission Line

Replacement of 12 deteriorating wood poles within the existing transmission line on the Crooked River National Grassland.

Black Canyon Fire Restoration

Reforest 75 acres burned in 2008 Black Canyon Fire.

Bridge Creek Invasive Plant Prevention Project

The purpose of the project is to protect critical elk habitat in the headwaters of the Bridge Creek watershed by controlling and preventing the spread of invasive plants.

Crooked River National Grassland Firewood Units

To meet objectives for wildlife habitat improvement, improvements in hydrologic function, and increase in forage for wildlife and livestock, seven units (about 3,408 acres) are proposed for addition to the public use firewood program starting in 2012

Fry and Wind Creek Tree Felling

This project will fall and leave, for stream bank protection, both live trees and snags on short segments of both Fry Creek and North Fork Wind Creek

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

McKay Meadow/Wetland Protection

The proposal is to implement restoration activities on five small meadow systems and one non-meadow riparian zone in the McKay Creek Watershed.

Mill Creek Allotment Management Plans

Development of allotment management plans for four grazing allotments on the Lookout Mountain Ranger District.

Norton Water Transmission Line

The proposal is to authorize replacement of an existing above-ground water line with a larger-diameter, partly underground pipe and to authorize the issuance of a new term special use permit (20 years).

Oregon Department of Transportation Remote Weather Information Site (RWIS) at Ochoco Summit on US 26

ODOT proposes to install a remote weather information site at Ochoco Summit (US 26, MP 49.89) to provide information for travelers as well as to keep ODOT crews informed of conditions to help prioritize road work efforts.

Portland General Electric Bethel-Round Butte Transmission Line Project

Authorize a special use permit for Portland General Electric to continue to operate electrical tranmission lines across National Forest lands on the Willamette, Mt. Hood, and Ochoco National Forests.

Stump Springs Houndstongue Prevention Holding Pasture and NFCR Section 16 Fence

Provide a holding pasture at Stump Springs; construct a small corral area to load and inspect cattle, construct a fence to prohibit livestock from entering the North Fork Crooked River from the West pasture.

Upper Beaver Creek Vegetation Management Project

Commercial, non-commercial and vegetation management activites across the Upper Beaver Creek watershed

Walton Lake Campground Water System

The proposal is to install a solar-powered water system with a gravity storage reservoir to provide water to a new water fill station and to the host site at Walton Lake Campground.

Willow Pine Vegetation Management

Reduce stand densities and conduct fuel management activities.

Younger Springs Mineral Material Source Expansion

Expanding the Younger Springs material source from its current size (about 1.3 acres) to not greater than 5 acres to provide pit-run rock for reconstruction and for mineral material permits for the next 20 years.

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